Pandora and Prof Malachi's Office

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Pandora and Prof Malachi's Office

Post by ProfessorMalachi on Thu Apr 24, 2008 2:50 pm

Hi, Everyone!

Pandora and I are here sharing an office much like Mr. Weasley and Perkins do but we get a much better view and lots more space. (And a Bunnikis.) We'll be taking suggestions, solving problems, and answering whatever questions you may have about our trading card program. Don't be shy; no question is stupid. If we can't answer them we will refer you to someone who can. Keep in mind that this might include Peeves.

We really want this program to work so we're willing to work hard for you.

We ask only that in this thread you follow a few simple rules:

First of all we ask that you not just sit and chat. There are plenty of threads (and a chatbox) for that and we'll be happy to meet you there.
Don't spam or flame anyone. That really should go without saying.

Thanks, Everyone.


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