BloodSuckers and HoundDogs

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BloodSuckers and HoundDogs

Post by Casper on Sat May 24, 2008 5:52 pm

If you couldn't tell from the title this is a Vampire/Werewolf role-play that makes fun of Vampire and Werewolf stories. And due to the recent popularity of such stories like Twilight, Underworld and that geeky child Harry Potter--it deserves to be flattered by getting mocked.

The rules are simple:

  • Only Vampire and Werewolf characters. No posting as self or inanimate objects, ghosts, etc. Just Vampires and Werewolves please.
  • Yes, we will allow for original characters.
  • Yes, dice rolls are allowed and encouraged. To see an example of dice rolls, please visit the Let Em Roll thread.
  • You can only own a character for a day. This does also include original characters. By "Own a character for a day" we mean all characters are FIRST come frist served for a day. If you need an example given ask any Game Master via PM.
  • No OOC posts. We have plenty of places for OOC posts.
  • Take NOTHING serious here. As in--don't take things personal.

Any member can post, no one has to fill out an application, or ask to post. Just post and have fun.





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